About Daniel Greenwood

Nearly three years ago I noticed this on going obsession to witness amazing moments that nature presented humanity with. This obsession soon began my career as a landscape photographer to send me off into unknown places and vast beautiful landscapes.

I would use what knowledge I currently have to paint my creative vision on a digital canvas for the world to see in hopes to connect with these amazing moments and pass feelings on to my viewers.

I am well known across the globe for my more creative style workflows and imagination when it comes to sharing and inspiring with my vision.

Just recently things began to take off for me as I began connecting with other talented individuals across the world. Just recently me and a few others started our own collective known as the Luminary Light Collective where our goal is to take others into some of the most vast untouched lands, to share the meaning of connecting with nature and the beautiful planet.

As I was a child growing up I was always so obsessed with space and stars, as well as video games. I believe these elements are what fuel my vision and inspire me to portray the world in the ways I am most known for.