Photograph titled Phantasm by Damiel Greenwood


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This image here known as “Phantasm” depicts the very essence of my creative vision. At the time of capturing this image, I was still quite new with my camera. Back when I got my first full frame Canon 6D and back when I was constantly experimenting with new things. This location was one of those spots that I knew I would spend hours and hours learning to use my camera and its functionality. This is exactly what I did. Every passing day and night I would further my ability to use my camera and my creative vision at this exact location. It was just one of those spots that resonates with me so well the minute I arrive. This image here is the product of many hours of failed and successful shoots. This was basically the moment that I discovered how important it was to make a particular connection with a scene, and then share it with the viewers. I put a lot of my own feeling into the capturing and creating of this image. At the time I was feeling a lot of sadness and deepened despair so I did everything in my knowledge at the time to share that emotional feeling with my viewers. This is just one of those images that best portray a dramatic tale and I hope it resonates with my viewers the same way it did with me. I can get into a bit of detail as far as the technical side goes with this image. It was composed of multiple exposures pre visualised then manually blended in PS.