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Post Processing Training

Post Processing Training



Daniel James Greenwood is officially teaching all post processing techniques via Skype screen share. How this works is really quite simple. After purchasing this product here you will be contacted via email by Daniel James Greenwood or his assistant. We will then talk further on which type of course best suits you, from beginners to advanced processing techniques! Daniel James Greenwood typically offers training on techniques such as: Exposure Blending, Luminosity masks (Basic and Advanced) , Color processing work start to finish, Shaping light, Balancing tonal values, Lightroom Processing, Blending multiple exposures, Custom sharpening techniques. These Skype sessions offer some of the most knowledgeable one on one lessons you could ask for!

Requirements for these courses: Photoshop or Lightroom, Basic Photoshop or Lightroom knowledge, TK Actions Panel (Depending On Experience), Any recording software if you wish to record the session.


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