Photograph titled Sorcery by Damiel Greenwood


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When I had arrived in Bandon, Oregon. It was almost certain that I was going to catch the tail end of a storm. The rain and over cast skies had lingered around for several days leaving me with dramatic light and moody skies for almost every composition I shot. All though this location has been photographed by literally every photographer in the world, I never intended on photographing it until the light exploded that night. I remember I was walking down the beach looking at how grey and boring the sky was at the time. Suddenly a few moments into my walk and scout the clouds began to burn with a slight yellow and orange. I was right near the well known wizards hat! I did what I could to try and compose something fresh and new here with my own unique vision and processing. I exposed 2 shots for this final image. One exposure for the foreground, another exposure for the dynamic range and focus on the sea stack.