Photograph titled Symmetry by Damiel Greenwood


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Just a few years ago I decided to purchase a camera and start taking photos. Its absolutely crazy to think only a few years later I would already be in the field teaching others how to connect with nature and express themselves in there own unique ways.

This goes to show that we can all live our dreams we just have to never give up on fighting for them. Thanks to Phillip Norman for letting me give him a hand in the Canadian Rockies! I was absolutely excited to be a part of it.

Next year Hillary Younger and I will be starting to travel into some pretty remote locations. Jason Mordecai will also be joining us in these adventures where we will be traveling to some pretty unique diverse places.

We hope to lead smaller groups not just for teaching photography, but also understanding how amazing nature and the world is, how to connect with it, and how to inspire others around them.